The Competition Of London Escorts Agencies

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  • August 9, 2017
  • After I left London escorts, I could not figure out what to do. It took me a little while to realise I wanted to start my own London escorts service. It was the only industry or business in London that I had any experience in, so I decided to start my own London escorts service with one of the girls I used to work with at another of the best escort agency.

    These days, so much as been covered when it comes to escorting, and we wanted to focus on something different. It does not matter what you say. The vast majority of gents London escorts date, are rather well off. When I was first joined the London escorts service, it almost immediately dawned on me how many rich businessmen I met. Most of them were kind of lonely, and I must admit that it often felt like they were reaching out to me on a long term basis.

    When we decided to start our own London escorts, we wanted to specialise in the gents who wanted the company of London escorts for a longer period of time. A lot of dates are still over in a matter of hours, but I was sure that gents were looking for something different. In the end, we made some game changing rules and decided to set up a London escorts agency, which only dealt with longer dates. At first, I was not sure it was going to work, but I soon changed my mind about that.

    After we had been business for a couple of weeks, it became obvious we were attracting the sort of gents we were aiming for at our London escorts service. A lot of them were frustrated that they had not been able to hook up with London escorts for a weekend, or perhaps even longer. Some of the gents had wanted to take their favorite London escorts on holiday with them, but agency rules seemed to have stopped them. We wanted to throw away the rule book, and come up with a completely new concept for our gents. Creating a more sophisticated environment than a website to meet the girls would be a crucial part of the experience. We got our heads together, and we think that we have come up with the ideal solution.

    Instead of arranging short dates, we arranged a couple of parties where gents could meet the London escorts who worked for our escort agency. It gave them a chance to get to know the girls and pick their own favorite for a long term dating experience. So far, it is working a treat. The gents who meet our girls are happy with the service, and the ladies are happy as well. I am sure we are going to be able to grow as an escort agency, and to be honest, we could do with more girls who are prepared to dedicate themselves to looking our fine gentlemen. I have a feeling, most London escorts would really enjoy the way we work here at the agency.…

    Sex Positions For Every Body

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  • December 13, 2016
  • When you live with your partner for a long period, things may start to get boring and at some point, you may no longer feel the need of having one another sexually. Married couples or long-term partners may miss finding the excitement of having each other’s company, as it was in the beginning. When it comes to having sex and love making, there is a possibility that you have already outdone what you both love and there is no room for more from either of you. If that’s the case you don’t have to let go, there is a chance for you to learn new sex positions and styles, and make your sex life rock once again.

    Men and women have different interests when it comes to sex and positions, but you can always have something that will keep the both of you in charge and entertained.

    1. Doggy style

    Every man’s dream is to get to cloud nine and feel the depth of the woman he has. When a man enters a woman from behind, he not only feels like the one in charge, but he gets to please his woman intensely. It’s the only position that every woman can tell the length of the cock in her.

    2. Missionary

    Legs up and apart is the usual position for everyone’s first time. It’s amazing, but there are some who have never tried it! Apart from the fact that woman feels lazy while in this position, they love holding their men in their arms and look them direct to the face as they push it hard in and out continuously and rapidly. Missionary is one of the best styles for women, especially after a busy office day.

    3. The 69 position: oral sex

    It’s time you remind yourselves what you did while in college. The 69 is far better than one at a time oral sex. This is where you get your head between her legs and lick the hell out of her as she sucks your dick. Through this, it may be possible to cum at the same time and feel the pleasure together.

    4. Anal

    Although it’s not for everyone, anal sex occasionally may bring flavor in your bedroom. The best anal sex is when you are on your back, and your legs are widely open as if you are giving him room to enter the vagina, but instead he comes from an angle straight to the ass. Just be sure to use plenty of lube.

    You don’t have to led a boring sex life. Try something different and this time do it with lots of passion and love. Become a porn star to your partner and things will improve for the better.

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