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  • July 1, 2019
  • You do not have to scratch your head so hard trying to look for these foods because the grocery food store near you can give you natural aphrodisiacs bonus. Having these foods will make you and your client have a steamier sex adventure.
    At the mention of this, most ladies drool. For most of us, chocolate is irresistible. For great performance in the bedroom, it contains caffeine which boosts dopamine, serotonin and neurotransmitters which in turn bring out the feelings of happiness and well-being. It contains phenyl ethylamine which stimulates the falling in love feelings. You do not want to miss the feeling of letting it melt in your mouth, it feels better than kissing and it increases your heartbeats which is a nice beginning of an excellent performance.
    You will not look at the candy on the shelves the same way after I tell you this. If you are female Beckenham escorts from you will need to have your share of that candy. Study indicates that a candy with licorice flavor will increase your vaginal blood flow by 13%. The scent may also stimulate your olfactory nostalgia reminding you of good memories of your childhood which will put your mind in a state that is more relaxed for you to enjoy fulfilling sex.
    I know it sound fishy and not sexy, but those foods that have omega-3 fatty acids like fish can promote your sex adventure and life from lukewarm to super-hot. These fatty acids help in boosting the level of dopamine in your brain that is known to trigger arousal.
    Avocados contain vitamin B6 which aids in the production of a feel-good hormone, serotonin. They also contain vitamin E which trigger the production of a passion-stimulating hormone, testosterone. Vitamin E also enhances the quality and motility of semen. A feel-good hormone and a passion-stimulating hormone together! Definitely the results will be excellent.
    Most people would think that garlic would ruin their love-making session. On the contrary, it improves because it contains Alice which increases circulation in the south and so sexual sensation is improved.
    Pine nuts and pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc which comes handy in production of testosterone and sperms. In addition to this, seeds and nuts are powerful foods which are rich in healthy fats and proteins which boost your energy in the bedroom.
    It is not only courteous but also a turn on to you if you pop that mint before you kiss your partner. That taste and scent of the mint in the kiss is what most of us like. It can therefore boost you performance after the kissing.
    Eating oysters bring about a sensual experience. These sea delicacies are rich in zinc which enhances production of testosterone and sperm, something that fuels the sex drive of both women and men. The Taurine in them also boosts your alertness.
    Now you know what you will eat to boost your performance. Have these foods and you will be the Beckenham escorts of the year for being the best performer in the bed.

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