West Midland escort made it possible for me to live alone in my new apartment.

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  • August 8, 2018
  • My girlfriend is blaming me for her dog’s death, and she is starting to get on my nerves. We are living together now for half a year, and everything is fine in till one day on my way to work I forgot to close the door, and her dog got out in the apartment with both of us not noticing. After an hour when my girlfriend finally realized that her dog escaped the house, the dog was already dead because a car hit it. When I got home after work, my girlfriend immediately slapped me in the face. I was baffled after she caught me, but when she said that her dog died because of me, I finally realized that I did not lock the door on my way to work. I also loved that dog very much, and I am sad, but my girlfriend never forgave me for what I have done.

    She told me to go out in the apartment and find a new home. At first, I did not take it seriously, but after a week she already packed my bags without her telling me. I was shocked because I was not expecting that she would go that far. I had no choice but to exit her apartment. I do not hate her at all because that dog, and he had already been that place for three years. My communication with my girlfriend after our dog died got more and more non-existent. I still loved her very much, but I do not think that I am ready If she would tell me that we should break up. I was baffled about our relationship because she would not talk to me for two weeks. I started to lose my hope of getting back together with her.

    I began to realize that the dog was essential to her and she would never learn to forgive me so I’d decided that I would be the one to break up with her. I feel sorry for losing my girlfriend and being the reason an ancient dog died. I was left alone with no place to live I struggled very hard for a few weeks to find a new home but almost all of the apartment in the city was full, and the ones that are not occupied are in a hazardous area. I stayed in a motel for many days until I got lucky and found a new apartment that I think would be suitable for me. I feel very lonely in my new studio, so I booked a West Midland escort. West Midland escorts from http://www.westmidlandescorts.com helped me in being comfortable with my new home. West Midland escorts made it possible for me to live alone in my new apartment.

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